Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visit to Santa Claus {Sunday Snapshot}

We took the kids to see Santa during our weekend trip to Seattle.  Cara has never sat on Santa's lap before, so we have been prepping her for the experience since Thanksgiving.  The night before this visit we were at Bellevue Square and the Nordstrom Santa was walking around near the children's shoe department.  He gave a little wave to Cara.  She freaked out, started to cry, and scrambled up into her Daddy's arms as fast as she possibly could.  My immediate thought was, great, she's never going to sit on Santa's lap.  But Daddy took her a little closer to Santa, he had her watch a few other kids sit on Santa's lap, and soon Cara was waving to Santa Claus.

The next morning we put on Cara's "visit to Santa Claus" dress and walked to the downtown Nordstrom to visit Santa.  The system there works pretty slick.  You leave your name and phone number and they call you when it's your turn to visit Santa.  This way kids don't have to stand in line for hours and get crabby before their visit.

Cara was still a little shy, but she told Santa her name.

Santa told her he wanted to see how high she could jump, so hopping up on Santa's lap was no big thing.  Sneaky Santa! ;)
My pics with the 3 kids and Santa weren't that great.  The professional photographer was off to my left, so all of their eyes are looking toward the photographer.  We should get our photo mailed from him some time this week.

In this picture, Cara was telling Santa she wanted a Bitty Baby for Christmas.

By the end of the visit, Cara even gave Santa a hug!  I was surprised.  Less than 24 hours earlier I wasn't even sure we would be able to pull this off.

After visiting Santa, Cara wanted to ride the carousel downtown.  Yes, that's a purple bruise over her left eye.  She dove to steal a chair from her sister and smacked her head on a table while I was shopping at Ann Taylor.  Why do these things always happen before pictures?

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  1. hello there- very sweet pictures...very sweet little girl! just found your blog linked over from steph's and it looks like miss cara is from shanghai. we have just received a referral for a little one from this area and am looking for more info on the swi's there. would love to hear any insight you may have! thanks- paige

  2. So glad the Santa visit went well! My daughter is 8 and to this day still REFUSES to go anywhere near Santa. No amount of begging from Momma and Grandmomma will do. She prefers the Easter Bunny. :)

  3. Paige,

    My email address is Email me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Shanghai SWI. I would also suggest joining the Shanghai SWI Yahoo group. There is a wealth of information there and you may spot pics of your little one in the photo files.