Friday, February 3, 2012

Cara's Swimming Skills Test

Cara had her swimming skills test tonight for the teacher to assess her skill level before she began her lessons.  She was very nervous.  She bites her bottom lip when she's scared or nervous.  She's doing that in most of the pictures here.
 Still biting her lip.  She still struggles with prepositions in English.  The coach would tell her over, under left, right, etc., and she was struggling with understanding language as well as being cold and nervous.
 She looks a little more relaxed in this shot.
Biting her lip again.  She tried on 3 or 4 different pair of goggles.  She couldn't find a pair to fit her little nose correctly.
 This was toward the end of the test.  She looks really nervous in this one.  He was making her jump in the pool and swim to the side.  She's not real sure on how to make her arms and legs work together to get anywhere.
Cara is definitely at the beginning level.  I could've told the coach that before the skills test.  She will take lessons twice a week; a half hour on Mondays and one hour on Fridays.  She was sooooooo cold by the time the test was over.  She was shaking uncontrollably.  She held it together until we got into the locker room; then she really got upset over being so cold.  But she said it was fun and wants to go back, so that's good.

Swimming made her hungry.  She ate her whole dinner at the teriyaki restaurant after her test!

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  1. My girl used to be starving after swimming too!! I'm glad she wants to go back, I wish I could have said the same after my little ones first experience! Although she does love it now, so I shouldn't complain!