Friday, February 24, 2012

A good night for hot tubbin'

She looks so angelic when she poses; you would never guess she threw a colossal fit before I got home, had to go lay down, fell asleep, then threw another colossal fit because she wanted me to carry her to the potty before dinner. I told her I would carry her if she stopped whining, she didn't, cried and screamed from the bedroom doorway through dinner, then decided she would eat if we took her hot tubbing.  She got ready in a hurry, but wanted her picture taken.  I only had the zoom lens on and was too tired to switch it out so her feet are cut off. :)

She is sweet, even when she's naughty.  I think she just got overtired.  She worked outside with Daddy all day, so she got a lot of fresh air.

That's a small WSU Cougar flag in her hand.  Some kids carry security blankets, Cara carries a Cougar flag.  Sometimes a Chinese flag when she can find it in her toy closet, but the Cougar flag is her first choice, smart girl!
Tomorrow we are driving to Seattle to watch Beauty and the Beast at the Paramount Theater.  She is so excited to go!

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