Monday, February 27, 2012

Visit to Pike Street

We went to see Beauty and the Beast on Saturday in Seattle (see previous post) and then got up Sunday morning and went to Pike Street Market.  We wanted to buy some pussywillows and tulips and eat our way through the market.  Here is one picture of the sound:

Another picture of a  ship coming in.  I love the view!

We were there fairly early in the morning so it wasn't that crowded yet.  This is a shot looking down the main interior part of the market.

Here are the kids posing out in front of the huge "piggy bank" in front of the Pike Street Fish Market.

We ate mini-donuts, crepes, macaroni and cheese, and cookies.  We bought bread and pasteries and pussywillows, and tulips.  About halfway through the market, cousin L said, "I've never been here before.  This place is awesome!"  Wow!  We had no idea she had never been before.  We probably should have gone a little slower so she could have seen more of it.  Our family goes 3 or 4 times a year.

As we were heading over the sky bridge back to the car, there was a bunch of commotion going on down on the street.  We asked a few people watching/snapping pictures from the sky bridge what was going on.  Apparently about 2 years ago, a Native American man was shot by a Seattle police officer and many felt the whole thing was handled unjustly.

This totem pole was the last piece the man was working on before he was killed.  The crowd was carrying the totem pole through the street and it is to be erected at Seattle Center as a memorial to the man.  It was an interesting scene to witness.  Today would have been the man's birthday.
It was a really fun time.  We left with full tummys and beautful flowers. :)

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