Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Camping Trip

Our family headed to Lake Roosevelt last Friday and just got back this afternoon.  It's a five hour drive that I don't really enjoy.  Case in point, this is the first time in 8 years that we've gone.  I like it while we're there, I just don't like driving 5 hours to get there.  And I don't feel comfortable driving the truck and towing the boat.
We launched the boat as soon as we got there on Friday and I'm glad I had my camera, because this is the only photo I have of my three kids tubing together.  B didn't feel good so he didn't get out in the water to play much and he went home with my parents a day early.  Poor guy, he was really looking forward to this trip. :(

Cara likes to hold on to the rope while we're at the dock waiting for Daddy.

I've only seen bald eagles in the wild 3 or 4 times before this weekend.  I was happy to get a shot of this guy in a tree out by the waterfall at Hawk Creek.  But the best thing I saw I didn't get a picture of.  On Sunday afternoon, we were boating over to a spot, nothing special, and my dad noticed a dead fish in the water right next to our boats.  Then I spotted a bald eagle flying.  Next thing we know, he swoops down and snatches the dead fish right out of the water and takes off!  He wasn't 10 feet away from us!  Everyone was shouting, "Get your camera, get your camera!"  But if I would have done that, I would've missed the whole thing.  It was pretty amazing.  There were 4 bald eagles flying in the air at that time.  So cool!  We ended up seeing another bald eagle on Monday morning, too.

B and my sister climbing up a sand hill.  Cara and my niece climbed up it, too.

T came to join us late Saturday night and headed back home to Auburn Monday afternoon.  Cara had a blast tubing with him.

Cara has been wanting to knee board, so we decided to let her try.  She didn't like it very much.  She started to cry and we quickly got her back in the boat.  Maybe next time!

T and A at the waterfall at Hawk Creek.

It was a really fun time and the scenery was beautiful.  We'll see if we end up going back next summer.

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