Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cara's Back To School Fashion Show

Ok, so pics are straight out of the camera.  Please excuse the messy pony tail and no shower yet today. :)  Cara is 44 1/2" tall and 40 lbs.
Yesterday we went to the Nordstrom Anniversary presale at Clackamas Town Center.  I do a lot of researching prior to buying clothes for Cara.  She's my last baby, so I only want to buy what I really love.  Sadly, I haven't seen much for back to school yet that I want go get for Cara from ANY store...except for a few surprise places that I usually never shop.
My main places I shop for Cara are Gymboree, Naartjie, and zulily.  So far this year I've found nothing from Gymboree that I like and only a couple of summer short outfits from Naartjie.  I have found really cute dresses on zulily, though.
Where I think I'm getting the majority of Cara's back to school clothes this year is The Children's Place.  I NEVER shop there, but there's some super cute stuff this year for fall transition.
This outfit is from Children's Place.  Shirt is a 5/6 and pants are a 6 (waist is tightened 7 notches on each side and could be tightened more).  My girl is tall for her size but skinny. Shoes are leopard sequins just like the heart on the shirt.  I bought them last year at Stride Rite outlet.

This dress and leggings are from Nordstrom.  It's Tea Collection and both are a size 6.  I will go nuts with Tea Collection this fall.  Tea designs its collections from countries around the world, and this fall is China!  I'm in love with all of it, but only a couple of things were available for the sale.

This tank is a 5/6 from Children's Place. I think it will be nice for hot August/September school days.  Cara already had the shorts, but she will probably wear this shirt with cuffed denim capris for school.
Another Tea Collection dress, size 6.

This shirt was at Nordstom Sale.  It's a 6 and says, "My wishes are your commands."  Ha ha, so true!

This shirt was also at the Nordstom Sale.  It's flannel and has pin tucking in the front.  So comfy, but it's a 6 and a little small, so I ordered the 6x this morning and we will return this one.

There's also a dress and leggings, a short sleeved hooded sweatshirt with sequin pockets, and a gray leopard tiered cami I want to get from Children's Place.  They didn't have them in store and a couple items are online only.  That should be it for fall for Miss Cara (other than more Tea Collection).

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looks like she's all set for school and looking cute as could be! I love Tea dresses. Kerry starts Kindergarten this fall (crazy) and will be wearing uniforms.

    Gin =)

  2. love the leopard pants...I know they would be too big on my skinny Minnie....darn! We are still wearing size 4! Your Shanghai sweetie is just shooting up.