Monday, July 29, 2013

Cara's Second Back to School Fashion Show

Cara has gotten a few more packages of back to school things in the mail last week.  She is 6 years old, almost 45 inches tall and 41 lbs.  I ordered this dress and leggings from zulily and it came at the beginning of July.  The brand is Art and Soul by Bercot.  Both are a size 6  and I LOVE it!

This shirt is a size 6 from Justice.  It came is blue, pink and purple. Cara wanted the blue.  I really like it.  Gray jeggings are size 6 from The Children's Place.

Jeggings, leopard cami, sweater and headband all from Justice.  She loves this outfit!  Had to pull the cami out of the laundry pile already for a fashion show.  Cami is a 5/6 and sweater is a 7/8.

Another option for the outfit.  This headband is soooooo cute, but the flower doesn't match the above sweater, so we added her Gap denim jacket that she already had.

Last one.  Camo sweatshirt from Nordstrom sale, size 6.  Super comfy and super cute!

What does Cara still have coming?  A North Face jacket from Dick's Sporting Goods ($12.00 shipped), a Jelly the Pug dress and black patent leather lace-up boots from zulily, and a dress and leggings from crewcuts.  I still want to get a dress (or two) and leggings from tea collection, but I'm waiting for a better sale than 10% off.  She also got a cami and Seahawks sweatshirt from the Justice NFL line, but I couldn't find the sweatshirt this morning for a fashion show.

Thanks for looking!


  1. She is the cutest thing! I love her new outfits..I think my favorite might be that pink camo shirt.

    Gin =)

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  4. love the blue justice shirt! looks fantastic on her. It still boggles my mind how long her hair is! The wee princess just had another trim, and it is past her shoulders..but, she has wavy hair...