Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fingerprint Update and More

Here's B after his football game on Saturday. His team won 25-0. They won the championship last year so I'm predicting an undefeated season for them again this year. I tried to get a picture of him playing, but all I could get was the ref's butt so this pic will have to do.
Last Monday, Sept 13th we walked in to get fingerprinted. We were printed, went home, scanned the stamped letter and sent it off to our agency. The adoption agency had a Consulate Appointment for us by Tuesday morning. Our appointment is on October 19th, so we were excited and relieved that everything worked out. J has been working on getting our airline tix. Can you say EXPENSIVE!?! It's almost $1500 per person. That's the best we could do. Oh well, I'm just happy it all worked out. Now we only have one more potential hang-up. Our new prints have to be at the Consulate prior to our appointment. As of Friday, Sept 17th, our I800A extension was on our USCIS officer's desk, but had not yet been approved. This paperwork needs to be approved, sent to the National Visa Center, and cabled to Guangzhou before our appointment, which is one month from today. It seems like a lot of people's paperwork has been bogged down in the system lately, so while one month should be sufficient time, it's still a situation that needs to be monitored closely.
We have my sister lined up to house sit while we're gone, so we should have someone at home pretty much 24/7. Next weekend I think we'll start to pack. We still need to get some baby things. We don't have baby wash, lotion, diapers, children's medicine, bottles, etc. Stuff that's pretty essential. Oh well, it will all come together in time, I'm sure of it!

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  1. Very handsome-much better than a ref's butt! Good luck in filling the list.