Monday, September 6, 2010

TA, Please!

We are still waiting on travel approval. I hope it comes sometime this week. I love 3 day weekends, don't get me wrong, but in this particular case when you're waiting for something it's torture! I sent off everything for our I800A renewal. It was confusing because none of the boxes to check fit our exact situation so I wasn't quite sure what to put. I emailed our USCIS officer and asked our questions. She got back to me quickly and told me exactly what to mark. When I sent in our paperwork, I included a copy of our email exchange. My husband sent it FedEx and it arrived at the lockbox on August 29th. I'm crossing my fingers for a quick fingerprint appointment so we can get approved quickly. I do not want our travel delayed due to lack of immigration approval.

Meanwhile, as a family we've done 5 canners of tomatoes, 2 canners of peaches, and this morning we will do a canner of pears. There should be plenty in this house to feed a 3 year old this fall and winter! A and B don't like canned fruit. I usually just do 1 canner of peaches for B, but there's still a jar left over from last year. I was out of practice for doing extensive canning.

I will post again once we get travel approval, until then I will keep on impatiently waiting.

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