Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Intinerary!

We received the travel packet from our agency on Friday and our itinerary looks like this:
10/8 Leave US for Beijing
10/9 Beijing flight to Shanghai. Free time.
10/10 Free day in Shanghai
10/11 Gotcha Day!
10/12 Adoption Registration
10/13 Optional city tour
10/14 Optional city tour
10/15 Leave Shanghai for Guangzhou
10/16 Adoption physical
10/17 Free time
10/18 TB test checked
10/19 Consulate Appt
10/20 Go to U.S. Consulate to take the oath
10/21 Receive visa packet
10/22 Go home!

Lots of packing and planning to do in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, our updated I800A and revised I800 still are not at the Consulate. My fingerprints came back as unclassifiable (USCIS officer waited 8 days to let me know). I had to go back to the Dept. of Homeland Security in Yakima and BEG them to reprint me. Good thing our neighbor works there! Thanks, neighbor! Prints were cleared, but when my husband called our USCIS officer to make sure she was going to approve our supplement 3 and issue a new I800A with a new fingerprint expiration date and an updated I800 and forward them to NVC, her response was, "You never asked for that." Huh? Are you kidding me? Well, J called back and talked to our officer's supervisor. Now our new I800A and updated I800 are supposedly in the mail and have been forwarded to the NVC. However, we still do not have those documents in our possession. Looks like its going to go down to the wire on our paperwork!

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  1. Very exciting news! Hope the NVC gets your stuff soon.