Monday, September 27, 2010

Update! Sleepy Baby

I had asked our agency if they would be able to get an update for us for packing purposes. I also asked them to let the SWI know that we would be calling her Cara.

The response was so funny. According to the SWI, she is "old" so she doesn't grow (she's 3). And they could pass on to the nannies that we will be calling her Cara, but since they don't know English, that probably won't work. Too funny! They sent us this picture and the exact same document with the exact same weight/measurements that they sent us the first week of July. We think she's just perfect!

We also received our I800A and I800 updated approval in the mail today. Now, all I need to do is make sure they are at the NVC and forwarded to the Consulate in Guangzhou. Things seem to be coming together nicely!


  1. Oh.... that face is so cute! What an adorable little girl. Congrats on receiving this new photo.

  2. Very cute! So excited for you. We are waiting on our paperwork process to also be able to travel to Shanghai for Lauren (5). Been through this before, but the wait never gets easier : )
    Congrats, will be following your happy progress.

  3. What a cutie! Looks like she will be lots of fun. Looking forward to following your journey. Blessings.

  4. First time for me on your blog. I found you on the China Adoption Site. What a beautiful little girl you have there. Congrats on Cara! She has a beautiful smile and I look forward to following you. Safe travels and God Bless!