Sunday, September 12, 2010

Resolution, Maybe?

So after trying to get our agency to help us and basically being told by both our agency and USCIS officer that fingerprints are issued out of a queue and no one can control it, I turned to our Senators and US Representative. I emailed Doc Hastings' office Thursday night and faxed both Senator Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell's offices Friday morning. Doc Hastings' office had a fingerprint appointment scheduled for me by 3:oo pm on Friday. How's that for service??!? Still haven't heard from either Senator's office. I did, however, email both offices again today and let them know I had a fingerprint appointment scheduled so they didn't spend time working on it when it's already done. I also stated in my emails that I may be contacting them later this week about a Consulate Appointment. My trust with the agency is pretty weak at this point and I'm not sure I can trust them to get me a Consulate Appointment within the time frame they gave me last Thursday. We'll see. When my husband spoke with the agency last Wednesday, they told him all we needed was the fingerprint letter stamped by the Dept. of Homeland Security saying our biometrics had been taken. That letter along with our current fingerprint approval should be sufficient to schedule a Consulate Appointment. We will have prints done tomorrow morning. I will scan and send the letter to our agency and hopefully they will immediately fax the Consulate to get us an appointment. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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  1. Good Luck!!! I don't know who your agency is, but we had similar problems. I thought also, as was told to me by our agency, that all we needed would be the paper they gave us at the time of our re-printing. Only to find out the same day that no, the consulates office will not issue an appt until your NEW prints with their new expiration date is in the internal system. When I finally got a hold with a human at USCIS he told me that there was nothing we could do to push it through, that they had to wait for the FBI to clear them, and that it could take two weeks. This was on a Wednesday. I went to my congressman's office, the next day and once they got involved, miraculously our prints cleared the FBI! And we had our updated I-171 by the end of the next week.
    I hope you have as good of luck as we did! If I had not went to them, I believe we would not have traveled with the rest of our group. It's like I told my congressman, Our prints have been coming back fine for over four years, and the FBI had just cleared them for the state update, so why would they think all of the sudden they would have a problem with them. It really doesn't make sense. We have been home now for 5 months, and are so in love with our precious little one.
    Here's hoping for speedy travels for you!