Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cara's first day of dance

Cara had her first dance lesson today.  She was so excited!  Her sister has been taking dance since she was 5 years old, so Cara has had a blast playing dress up in years of old dance costumes.  We went to Target on Sunday to buy a dance outfit for Cara.  She had to put it on the moment she got home, nap in it, and she swore she would be careful during dinner if she could keep it on while she ate.

Her lesson started at 4:15.  A called me at work and said, "You'd better hurry up, she's freaking out that you will be late."  And we were just a little late, but the teacher was still just explaining the basics of how lessons work; Cara didn't actually miss anything.

 Cara waiting for me to come home from work:

 She was sooooo happy after her lesson!  She kept saying all the way home, "That was so fun!"  I think she's really going to have a great time with dance lessons this year.

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