Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One year Gotchaversary

One year ago we saw this sweet face in real life for the first time.  I wish I was a better photo editor and could get this picture clear.  Sadly, I've fooled around with it in a couple of different programs (Microsoft photo editor and Picknic by flickr) and I have not been able to get it as clear as I would like.  But even though my picture is fuzzy, my memory of that moment is perfectly clear.

She was so scared, yet brave.  She was sweating up a storm from nerves, but was still willing to sit on my lap, eat snacks, and drink the water I brought for her.  She would smile, but she looked so nervous.  She didn't cry until we headed to the elevator.  She saw one of the nannies down the hall, and broke down in tears.  It just about broke my heart to see her so sad.
 Look at her now!  This was tonight at a local Chinese restaurant.  We went out to eat to celebrate one year with Cara.  The transformation in one year has been amazing.  She really has gone from a baby/toddler to a preschooler.  As I look through a year of pictures, the transformation in her facial expressions is where I notice the biggest difference.  Pictures started with fake smiles and scared eyes.  Then they changed to fake smiles and sad eyes.  Gradually they have changed to real smiles with happy, sparkly eyes.  She has an amazing smile and I love how happy she is now.
 This smile is a little bit fake.  She wanted to unwrap her sucker and I told her I wanted a picture before she could have the sucker. ;)
We also had our one year home visit today.  Our social worker seemed pleased with Cara's attachment and development.  So are we.  We still have work to do in some areas, but overall she's doing really, really well.

Happy gotchaversary, Cara.  We love you so much!

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  1. It hurts so much to see them in such pain in the begining when you can't make them understand that on the other side of all that hurt is a whole lot of good, love and happiness. I'm so glad that the pain has started to fade into the background and be crowded out by the love and happiness. Happy Gotcha Anniversary!

    Lori Cook