Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spirit Week-Grandparent's Day

This week is spirit week at B's school.  He has been dressing up all week, which is a surprise for him.  He is normally Mr. "Straight and Narrow."  He is shy and tends to be pretty conservative.  Today was Grandparent's Day.  This means you're supposed to dress like old people.  B took a different twist with Grandparent's Day.  His grandpa attended the same school B does, so today B dressed like he was attending school in 1966.  He wore grandpa's letterman sweater, jeans, and black hi-top Chuck Taylors.

 I think the teachers were more impressed than the rest of the students.  His principal told B every time he saw him today, "Don't get that sweater dirty." :)
Here is the link to the 1966 yearbook page with B's grandpa (my dad) wearing the sweater.  He's in the front row on the left:

I think it was a pretty cool idea for Grandparent's Day.

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