Friday, October 7, 2011

A day off from work

Today there was no school for Cara and me.  Just a Friday off in October.  J never works on Fridays, so Cara and Daddy usually just run errands.  Today we decided to take Cara to the park in Prosser.  In 2000, a group from the community worked on a project to build a park designed by the children of Prosser.  I was working at the elementary school at the time.  The engineers hired to put the design together came to the school to talk to the children about ideas they had for their "playground of dreams."  Kids drew pictures of what they wanted and the engineers put their ideas together into a playground.  Then community members got together to build the playground.

Almost 12 years later, the playground still looks just as good as it did when it was build.  The city has done an excellent job of maintaining it.  Cara had a blast!

 After playing a bit, we went out for lunch, then back to the park to play for another 30 minutes or so.  Then we headed up to Paterson to go to a few wineries.  We first stopped at Columbia Crest.  The facility is gorgeous, but we didn't taste or buy anything; just took some pictures.  The fall decor was so beautifully done it made me want to run out and buy some new furniture! :)
 We went to a couple other wineries, but one wasn't open for tasting yet and the other was closed on Fridays.  So we ended up going to Safeway and buying some wine there. 

Our final home visit is this week and we need to have our current pictures ready for the report to send to China.  We have tons of pictures of Cara, but hardly any of the 3 of us together.  So B snapped this one out in the yard:
It was a great day!

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