Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Photos {Sunday Snapshot}

We went out to the farm again today to get some fall shots.  The leaves are starting to change and the colors are just beautiful.  I also got a new lens for my camera last night.  Its 75-300 mm telephoto lens for my Cannon.  I wanted to try it out.

This shot was with the new lens:

This shot was with my kit lens.  For Christmas I want a new lens for close up shots.

This one was also with the new lens.  It's a little blurry because there's no image stabilizer with this lens.  I just need more practice with it.

New lens:

 Kit lens.  Cara hamming it up!

Kit lens:

Kit lens:

Kit lens:

New lens.  Again, a little bit blurry.  I was standing in the back of the truck to take this one.  Love the colors, though.
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  1. What a gorgeous kiddos! And I am SO jealous of your fall weather!! Really... it looks like paradise! We only get fall in January for about 3 days.
    Enjoy fall!
    Nancy-of the crazy 9

  2. Beautiful family and love all the fall colors!