Saturday, January 14, 2012

A and C pics

A's BF C is a senior this year.  His mom already took some senior pictures of him, but she wanted some more.  He doesn't really like having his picture taken, but he agreed to let me take some yesterday afternoon.  We stopped at a local winery first, but the gate was locked.  I snapped a couple of shots just in front of the gate.  Let me preface these shots by saying I am by NO MEANS any kind of professional photographer.  My philosophy of taking pictures is just to take a lot and hope a few turn out.

I snapped this one right before we left.  I think it's cute.

After leaving the winery, we went out to the farm to try and find some interesting textures for a background.  This was taken in front of a prop pile.  It's C's mama's favorite.

This one is my favorite.  The white building is a mint still.  This ladder is what you climb up to attach the device from the still to the top of the mint trailer to take out mint to be stilled in order to remove the oil from the leaves.  I don't remember what the hose is for.  Mint prices aren't good and my family stopped growing mint several years ago, so now the still is just used for storage.

This one is cute, too.  One of the last pictures I took before we left.  It was pretty cold outside and my fingers were numb.  We'll take more a different day with C in his letterman's jacket.  There is another galvanized shed that I think would make a good background for those shots.

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