Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cougar Basketball {Sunday Snapshot}

Fourteen members of our family went to Pullman this weekend to watch the WSU Cougars take on Cal in basketball.  We try to make it to at least one game a year.  It's pretty fun.  I was a little bit worried about the travel to Pullman because of all of the snow we got last week.  Here is Cara and cousin L at the game.  These two played, cheered, and danced throughout the entire game.

They saw Butch, the mascot in the crowd and ran over to say hi with cousin D.  When they came back Cara said, "Remember when I was scared of Butch?"  It really wasn't that long ago.  She would barely go near him during football season.

Here's the student section reading the paper as the opposing team line up was announced.  I couldn't take any more pictures after this one.  The usher came over and said no flash photography during the game.  I figured I was better off just putting my camera away.  At half time I took the girls to the bathroom.  While we were gone, the new head football coach, Mike Leach, came out on the court and spoke for a few minutes.  Kind of sad that I didn't get to hear what he had to say or snap a picture.

After the game we went to eat at a restaurant called, "Fireside Grille."  The new football coach came in with some recruits.  The guys in our family met him at the door, shook his hand, and asked him to sign their hats.  And Mr. Leach was gracious enough to do so!  We are excited about him as a new coach and look forward to football season next year.

This is how Cara looked this morning.  So cute!  She loves to pose for the camera...most of the time.

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  1. Oh my, your sweet Cara is too cute for words!! I love how she poses for you!!

    Happy Chinese New Year~