Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day

Have you heard about the storm hitting the Pacific Northwest?  Yep!  That's us!  It started snowing yesterday morning and has either snowed or we have had freezing rain pretty steadily since then.  School was canceled today and we are not sure yet what tomorrow will bring for either school delays or closures.  I did go in to school this morning at 6:30 to answer phones and run out to cars and tell parents who didn't get the message that school was canceled.  J drove me in and came and picked me up at noon.  Once I was home he took the girls sledding out in the yard.  Cara still doesn't understand which way to lean on the sled, so she leans one way and A leans the other and they both get dumped off the sled.

Look at the snow coming down while J waits for the girls to climb back on.  It's actually snowing harder here now than when I snapped this pic from the front door.

And Buddy, our dog, just trails along after the girls.
It's a lot more snow than we normally get.  We live in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, so we don't get a lot of precipitation here.  At least the kids will get to enjoy playing in the snow at their house for the next few days rather than having to drive up to White Pass to ski or sled.

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