Friday, January 6, 2012

This year's 4-H project

A little over a week ago J, A, B, my dad, brother, and niece L went to go pick up pigs for the 4-H club this year.  When they got home, the rest of the club members came over to draw names for choosing pigs and to take their pigs home.  Here's Cara with the dish for the names.

They picked up 21 pigs, which is less than last year.  It takes 2 pick up trucks to haul 21 pigs.
 Here's the pig house for the 11 pigs that are staying at our house.  It's not fancy, just 2 bins on their sides with plywood nailed to the top and back side.  A heat lamp through the top plywood piece keeps them warm.

A fills the water barrel so the pigs will have plenty of fresh water to drink.

The kids get in the back of the truck, grab out pigs, and hand them out to their dad.
So now we have 11 pigs to take care of until the first of May.  Then, it's off to the livestock show again.

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  1. LOVE it. I want a pig. Only thing that makes me sad about living in town now. We can't get a pig. :(