Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And now I've held her longer...

I wasn't sure how I wanted to title this post.  Cara was found at around 15 months of age and today she's been mine for 15 months.  At first I thought about, "And now I've loved her longer,"  but that wouldn't be true.  Her birth family will always have loved her longer.  Because I believe in my heart they still love her and think about her every day.  There's no way anyone who has met Cara can NOT love her.  She's funny and twirly and girly and cute.  She dances and sings and grins and cuddles.  She's fantastic.  She's deliciously naughty.  And stubborn.  And a little bit spoiled, I must confess.  And now she's ours.  We are so lucky!

She's been a part of our family for two Christmases.  Two Halloweens and Thanksgivings.  One Valentine's Day, Easter, and birthday.  We've taken her to parades, the movies, parties and New Orleans.  We've been there for her first day of preschool and her first parent-teacher conference.  We will get to experience a lot more "firsts" with Cara.  And I'm sure there is a mommy on the other side of the world that weeps for the loss of the firsts.  I think of her often.  I cannot imagine making the choice she did.  But I'm so very thankful that she did.

 She's goofy:

She's a pirate (Go Cougs!):

She's a kissy face:

She's our sweet baby girl:
I love you, sweet Cara, and I am so very happy to be your mommy.

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  1. She is so beautiful, and sounds like full of character :) Just like my little China love.. It is heartbreaking to think of their past, and what their birth parents have gone through - I get all choked up even now writing this.. How old is Cara?

    You asked about our travels - long time ago before any babies we drove from San Francisco to Bend, Oregon to visit family. Loved that trip, and hope to actually drive the Mothership out one of these years *hopefully soon*. Most of our travels are up and down East Coast between Maine and Florida:)